बुधवार, 18 सितंबर 2013

Documentary film based on murder of RTI Activists

We have decided to make a Documentary film based on murder of RTI Activists so far . We expect your full support and feedback for this cause.You are requested to provide me contact details of RTI Activists family member who are murdered so far. 1. Preparing a list of possible persons who are murdered or assaulted. 2. Preparing a 2 page over all story about the person who is dead or assaulted. 3. Finding about his family and friends and their contact no. 4. Finding an eye witness.(if there is any, we will prefer the incidents with eye witnesses ). 5. Finding about other activists who can talk about them and who are familiar with them. 6. Preparing a list of the prominent persons related to the subject for interview. 7. Finding contact detail of the known personalities whom we are going to interview like Anna Hazare, Arvind kejriwal, Aruna roy, Narayan swami, CVC of India etc and helping us to getting an appointment for the same. 8. To find out about the seminars or any meeting happening in near future about RTI. 9. To make sure that if we are going one place to shoot, we should take maximum advantage of that. Say an example if we are going to Ahmadabad to cover Amit Jethva story, then we should find about other people also who got killed or assaulted in Ahmadabad or nearby places. If we are going to Bhopal for Shehla Masood, we should find other activists murdered or assaulted in Bhopal or nearby…This way we can cover more people in less time and budget.. 10. Even the murdered and assaulted people whom we will be unable to shoot or to go to their places because of time and budget restrictions, we should get their pictures and paper cuttings about them (as much material as we can get). 11. Please do a research on the murdered and assaulted activists of India. 12. It will be good if we will select people from different region of the country and also from different communities and genders. It will also be great if we can find people who are disable or very old or are from extremely poor/rich economical background but still fighting with system. 13. We should be sure time and again that we are not covering any wrong person with suspicious motives. 14. Any more suggestion given by research person. 15. Finding a local contact for each place where we are going to shoot. ……………………………………………… GOPAL PRASAD ( RTI ACTIVIST ) Secretary General, RTI Activists Association H. No.- 210, St. No.-3, Pal Mohalla , Near Mohanbaba Mandir, Mandawali Delhi-110092 , Mob: 08743057056, 09289723144. Email: sampoornkranti@gmail.com Blog : http//sampoornkranti.blogspot.in